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Buddy Upp app week 2. Updates and traffic

This the second week since I’ve published the Buddy Up app to the android market. So far, I’ve gotten 13 installs with a total of 4 active installs. Of all the installs there have been, only three users have registered. I decided to make the phone number optional during the registration process. That may ┬áhave turned away some potential users of the app. I also plan to put out a youtube video soon. 13 installs was less than I expected for having my app out for a week. It seems to have plateaued at that number. If you come across this post, download the app and tell me how it could be improved.


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Buddy Up App. A unique networking tool.

This is my first blog on wordpress for the Buddy Up android app. I created this blog to both update you all on changes to the app but also to get feedback on how the app can become better. I encourage and enjoy any comments. I want to get some opinions on the app. For those of you who don’t know, the Buddy Up app is a unique social networking tool that allows you to enter any interests that you may have and then browse others within 150ft of your phone who may have similar interests as you. This makes for more efficient networking. You can also let those in your vicinity know what you are thinking about by updating the “What’s on My Mind” section. This app has many uses. The download is free. Try it out and tell me what you think about it. Tell your friends about it also. Updates to the app will be frequent, so give me your ideas, and help me build a quality app. Thanks.

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